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Its hard to be a baby


on January 4, 2013

At 9 months, we took George to the audiologist and he had a perfect hearing screen. He did great and we thought we were done with the whole thing.

George in bucket

Sadly, we went back for a follow-up at 12 months and he showed moderate conductive hearing loss again. They checked his little ears and they were filled with fluid…again.

The doctors and audiologists are concerned about language development so have recommended that George get tubes in his ears. We think we will do this on January 16th, but are doing some research.

I am not thrilled about because of the anesthesia. “Not thrilled” is an understatement. I’m freaking out. But, after some research and medical journal reading, it seems that its actually very safe. The drive to the hospital is more dangerous. The risk is scary, but is probably worth it since it will help George learn and be more comfortable.

They said he will only be gone for about 20 minutes. I think that would be the longest 20 minutes of my life.


3 responses to “Ears…Again!

  1. Robert says:

    He will do just fine! Lonna, it’s okay to be anxious about it, but assured you and Clay are doing the right thing and that you are providing the best care for him! Good job!

  2. Chris says:

    When we handed Curt to the nurse/doctor/whomever I thought I would croak! R kept me calm, but it was hard. Tubes were wonderful for Curt! They allowed him to be free of ear infections and that was a relief for all!

  3. Luanne Farish says:

    Having had tubes in my ears as an adult, I can testify that it made my life much more pleasant. No more constant pain from the pressure, and I could hear better as well. I think George will be much more comfortable with the tubes than without. Relax, he will be fine.

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