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Its hard to be a baby


on December 6, 2012

The one year old post. Wow.

I was organizing pictures and videos yesterday and watched a few from when he was a tiny baby, just learning to commando crawl and jumping in his jumperoo. My main impression (besides time flies) is that his hair is CRAZY. 🙂

SONY DSCSize: My little man is still little. He was just under 19 pounds at his 1 year check up, which is in the 10th percentile or so. He was 29 inches (40th) and his head was in the 70th. Yeah, he’s got a big head! The doctor was very pleased that he is holding his size and reminded me that it is okay for babies to be small. 🙂

SONY DSCHe is wearing 12 month clothes and I think will be for a little while yet. They are fitting him very well. Since he is approaching 30 inches we are moving him to the convertible car seat and retiring the infant seat. Just another reminder that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Not to mention my baby center emails that used to be called “Your baby at __ weeks” are now called “Your toddler at __ months.” Thanks for rubbing it in, baby center.

SONY DSCSleep: Good news, everyone! (sorry, geeked out for a minute). George is SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB!!! Clay and I procrastinated moving him from the swing to the crib for weeks, months even. The swing was working and we were afraid. I am also not a fan of letting babies cry. However, he was outgrowing the swing. Also, he would not nurse or be rocked to sleep. I tried every gentle method to get him into the crib that I could. In the end, we knew we had to show him–somehow–that the crib is his sleeping space.

SONY DSCSo, one night, I laid him in his crib after nursing. He smiled up at me (ouch). I said goodnight and left the room. It took a minute for him to realize what was happening and then the screaming began. We went back in (taking turns) at 3 minutes, 5 minutes then 10 minutes. At the second 10 minutes it was my turn. He was so sweated and begged me to pick him up. But, I rubbed his tummy and left the room. Then, George and I were both sobbing. Clay rubbed my back and I was about to break…and then…silence. He fell asleep. He woke up briefly 2 times that night, but both times just took a little pat and he was back to sleep. No crying spells. The next night he only cried for 7 minutes (falling asleep shortly after I came in at the 5 minute mark) and the third night he cried for less than a minute. AND he slept in his crib for his afternoon nap yesterday. George now sleeps IN HIS CRIB from 7:30p-6:30am with two naps about 2 hours each. That’s right. BAM.

SONY DSCEating: George is eating 5 times a day–3 meals and 2 snacks. He loves yogurt, shredded cheese, peas and ground meat. We still give him a lot of prunes. He likes to hold his pusher while he eats because he eats better a little distracted. He eats so well at restaurants because there is so much going on. He is starting to play with his spoon, but still in the very early stages. I need to get him a small spoon thats easier for him to manage. George nurses 4 times a day now. In the morning, before his afternoon nap, in the evening and before bed. We will also drop the afternoon nap feeding shortly, when he starts at day care.

SONY DSCTemperament: Of course he is the sweetest baby ever. He is definitely voicing his opinions and letting us know if he is unhappy with something. He has started whining which is He loves to be held, but also does really well playing independently. Especially now that I have set up his new playroom! It’s a totally childproofed room off the living room with tons of toys and things to do. I will be doing a post on it when it is all done. It’s very plain right now, but I plan to make it super fun! Overall, he is a really easygoing and sweet baby.

SONY DSCMilestones:George is doing a great job communicating and learning to speak. He is saying four words (ball, apple, mama, up). He is also working on the word sock (he holds out his foot and says ‘ack’) and does this funny thing with his throat to imitate me saying ‘uh-oh.’ Hilarious.

His strongest word is definitely ‘up.’ He says it many times a day and uses it correctly. He is always imitating me doing things (talking on the phone, dancing, etc). I can really see his wheels turning and he watches others with such attention if he wants to learn to do something. And he has the cutest little grunt when he is trying to do it.


He learns something new everyday!

SONY DSCHe points at everything. I love watching him look all around and point. George also loves to point at pictures in books and turns the pages on his own. There isn’t much better than watching your kid playing in a stack of books. He loves to throw his ball, play basketball and tries to roll it back and forth with us. He also loves to take things in and out of buckets and put things in holes. And ANYTHING with a button is the best thing EVER. He will push buttons until the cows come home. He loves to use the remote to turn the light in his room on and off. And on and off. And on and off. 🙂 And he loves to play peek a boo–especially with his new monkey.



George is not walking yet, but can stand alone for long periods of time. He pushes this push toy thing and walks SO well with it. He even picks it up and moves it around objects. But, won’t even try without it! Its hilarious–it’s totally a security pusher. I know that one day soon he will just let go! And then we are in trouble.


Teeth: Still six teeth in that little mouth!


It amazing to see how much George has changed in the last year. Humans are truly incredible creatures. And, of course, I think George is the most incredible human yet.



One response to “1 YEAR OLD!!

  1. Chris says:

    Bravo! He’s happy, loving and cute as a button! Y’all have done well!

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