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Its hard to be a baby


on November 26, 2012

This was George’s LAST FIRST holiday. From here on out, its been there–done that!!

George had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with family and food! We took it easy and just went up to visit the PA family for the day.

He got tons of family time in, too.

Great Gram and Pap Rigel


Great Pap Wise

And of course, lots of play time!

Overall, we went to SIX houses with George on thanksgiving. The Rigels, another Rigels (uncle Doug’s), the Kennedy’s, the Wises, Nan and great-great grandma Rosie’s. Wow! George was a total trooper and never even fussed. He just loved everyone! Although it was a long day, but we are more than grateful to have so much family and love for our little man.





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