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11 months!

on November 2, 2012

George is 11 months old! I simply cannot believe it. More than a few cliches come to mind: Its gone so fast, he’s changed everything about our lives, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me…but most of all…where’s my little baby???

Size: George is really growing. He is getting so big. I imagine he is still small for his age, but he looks pretty on par with the other babies. Since he is eating better now, he seems to be putting on a little chub. I’m curious to see what he weighs at his next doctors appointment in early December. He is wearing 12 month size clothes and they fit great. Its been fun to get all his little fall/winter clothes out.

Sleep: We have made some massive improvements with sleep. He is regularly sleeping 8-10 hours a night now in his room. He still sleeps in his swing for naps and at night. Don’t judge. He takes two naps, each last two hours or so, each day ar 8:30am and 1:30pm plus or minus 30 mins. His routine is pretty solid and he goes down incredibly easily. Now just to get him in the crib…

His bedtime is 8pm and we still have the same bedtime of bath, book, songs and cuddles. Then I nurse him until he is very relaxed and put him down groggy. He sleeps with a blanket and a lovey. Even with his large variety of caregivers over the last few weeks, he hasn’t had any problems taking naps. I’m really impressed with him.

Eating: George now loves to eat!  He eats three meals a day. Yogurt has replaced peas has his favorite food. He LOVES yogurt. He has a little pusher his Grandmomma Williams got his and he loves to play with it during meals. He eats better a little distracted. 😉 George eats a lot of prunes, oatmeal and peas. He also has two snacks a day after his naps.

He is nursing 4-6 times a day, depending on if he gets up at night. He has dropped his mid morning feed. Which frees me up from pumping at work (which is awesome). As much as I love nursing, the natural progression of cutting back is also liberating. I’m looking forward to toddler nursing, where most of his calories are coming from food. Less pressure!

Temperament: SO sweet. SO SO sweet. But also a little shit sometimes. Haha. Sometimes he wants to be held ALL THE TIME and just hangs on my pants so I can’t move and whines and whines (saying UP, UP!!). But when I pick him up he claps…and I can’t help but cover him in kisses. Sigh. He’s incredibly easy going. He has had MANY caregivers over the past 3 months, but he has rolled with it. His new nanny started earlier this week and he is doing awesome with her. Luckily, she is pretty great–that helps!

Milestones: I love watching George learn and grow. He has been doing the cutest things lately. He plays peek a boo with blankets, washcloths, bibs–whatever he can  find. And, when we were in the car we were blowing raspberries at each other. I would use his blanket to wipe the spit off his mouth. Then, he started using the blanket to wipe my mouth! I totally melted. He’s so smart.

He is cruising and crawling like crazy! He can stand on his own for a little while, especially when he forgets what he’s doing. But he is still mainly into crawling. He can put his shapes into the correct whole in his shape sorter. And he loves little mechanical things to figure out. He’s pointing at stuff he likes, which is adorable. We also brush our teeth together every morning. He uses his banana tooth brush and imitates me brushing my teeth by shaking his little arms and moving his toothbrush back and forth. Amazing.

But the biggest thing…George now says THREE words!!


He has the cutest voice. Nothing is sweeter than hearing him ask for, UP! or saying AHHHPAAAA when I hand him an apple. And of course Mama. Music to my ears. 🙂

Teeth: Still 6 teeth and holding!

We love this baby SO SO much. Can’t wait until that 1 year old post! 🙂


One response to “11 months!

  1. Chris says:

    I just love him more and more!

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