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Week with Pap!

on October 29, 2012

George got to spend another week with grandparents. This time, Pap Hays came down to take care of George for a few days.

They had a great time going on walks, playing and eating. Somehow, Pap also had time to completely take care of our yard as well. He mowed, pruned all the trees and bushes, weeded and trimmed all around our fence. It looks like a whole different yard. Yay!

George also had his first greasy fingers when he played with nuts and bolts from the Pap was fixing the mower. I was amazing at how quickly he caught on to putting washers over the bolts and putting the bolts into pretty small holes. Great fine motor skill practice. And whenever the bolt made it in, he made the HAPPIEST face. So cute.

And here are some shots from the rest of their week. Pap may have gotten peed on…




One response to “Week with Pap!

  1. Chris says:

    Love it!

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