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Charleston and the Wedding!

on October 24, 2012

Our trip to Charleston was to see Clay’s god sister, Shannon, get married to her lovely husband Berkeley. The weekend was gorgeous, the weather could not have been better. Clay had a hard time getting around charleston on his foot, but he was a real trooper.

We arrived on Thursday and quickly set out to get some lunch and walk through the Charleston market. I got a Christmas tree ornament–I try to get one every where we go on vacation. We hung out with family and friends that evening at a wonderful cocktail party (and George got to play in a great playroom with a fun sitter!). Friday we shopped and ate, then went to the rehearsal dinner. George hung out with a family friend, Kay, and had a blast. He slept on her for two hours–they were both in heaven. 🙂

Saturday we ate and shopped again! Haha.

We also stopped off at a farmers market at the downtown square and played with George in the grass.

Then we stopped and got some lunch.

Then that evening we went to the wedding! George had a babysitter, but we went and got him and brought him to the reception to see Shannon and show off his little outfit.

George loved looking at the beautiful bride!




One response to “Charleston and the Wedding!

  1. Chris says:

    George is just wonderful!

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