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Its hard to be a baby

Charleston Children’s Museum

on October 23, 2012

We took a 10 day trip last week through NC and SC and George was incredible. He was so well behaved and go with the flow. He slept well, ate well and was just all around sweet. I am blessed with a sweet baby. He only had one melt down one morning while trying to take his nap. We decided that our poor easy going baby needed some time to stretch his legs and explore.

I found the Charleston Children Museum and off we went! George had  SO much fun.

He loved all the exhibits and played and played. His favorite was painting with water on the chalk boards. I couldn’t believe it, he picked the brush right up and started painting. He saw the other kids doing it and took off!

He really needed some special time with mommy and daddy.

They had a great toddler room where he could just play and chill. He made some friends and climbed, slid and bounced.

At the end he was so tired and a little fussy and we knew it was time to go! He fell asleep as soon as he hit the stoller! 🙂




One response to “Charleston Children’s Museum

  1. Chris says:

    He really was a trooper! That’s because y’all have given him the security he needs. He knows it’s OK to be w others and enjoy that time b/c you’ll always be back! I loved every moment w him!

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