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Tweetsie Railroad

on October 16, 2012

Clay and Uncle Curt took George to Tweetsie Railroad while I had a spa day at westglow spa. Yeah, I’m a lucky girl. I got a pedicure and wonderful blue ridge body wrap. And fell asleep all covered up in front of a fire with ginger tea, while looking at those amazing north carolina mountains in the relaxation lounge.

Oh, but back to George…he went to jail.

Rode the carousel (that lady must of thought he was super cute, she was looking at him in all the pics!)

Pretended to be a pumpkin (not fooling anyone).

And hung out at the train, but didn’t ride it! (? Don’t ask me…)

All and all a really fun day!


2 responses to “Tweetsie Railroad

  1. Chris says:

    I still say Clay & Curt enjoyed it more than George! No train ride? Bah Humbug!

  2. mary hays says:

    I’m happy for you Lonna getting a nice relaxing day at the spa , well earned I’m sure. And George, he is the cutest little thing , that lady knows cute when she sees it, after all she had two cuties to look at on the carousel. George sure does get around. looks like they had a fun day. See You Love, Nan

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