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10 months old!

on October 8, 2012

10 months…in the double digits. I can’t believe I’m starting to plan his first birthday party!

George is shocked, too!

Size: Still a little guy. Not sure of his weight, but the bathroom scale puts him at about 18-19 pounds. Clay’s mom told me he was 20 pounds at age one, so it looks like George takes after his daddy!

He is wearing 12 month size clothes now. They are a tad baggy, but good for the cloth diapers. The 9 month stuff was just too short. We are a member of (I got a great deal on it) and have loved trying new clothes with him. His shirt in these photos is from them.

Sleep: We went through a very rough patch where George was waking every 2 hours at night to nurse. It was clear that he wasn’t hungry, he just wanted to nurse to go back to sleep. He was insistant on it even if I tried to do something else to ease him back to sleep. Since cry it out is not the route we want to take, I bought and read the ‘no cry sleep solution.’ We are creating our 10 day plan, but have already made some changes that are working to get him used to sleeping on his own and not needing the boob to fall back asleep. I really don’t mind waking up with him and know that night wakings are very normal, but more predictability would be nice.

He is taking two naps per day, 2 hours (or so) each. He is a GREAT napper. We put him in his swing with his lovey, sound machine and a kiss–and he goes right to sleep. Now, we are trying the swing at night to be a transition between our bed and the crib. This has worked REALLY well. He sleeps in 4-6 hour blocks, and last night even slept 10 hours without waking to nurse.

But, this leaves us with a new problem…the swing. We are developing a transition plan to move him from the swing to his crib–first at night and then for naps. Wish us luck!!

Eating: As with the last few months, George continues to make strides in this area. He eats three meals a day, along with a snack after his afternoon nap. His spoon boycott is over and he is back to eating oatmeal, yogurt and purees. (whew). His favorite food is peas. He loves to feed himself.

He is nursing 4-6 times a day now–with longer sessions since he has cut back. Since Clay has gone to work he is not really taking his bottle from anyone else. We try to put milk in a sippy cup for him, but he only drinks an ounce or two. Its seems that he has pretty much dropped that feeding. He nurses heartily when I get home!

Temperament: Sweet and happy almost all the time. He loves to do ‘bouncy’ which is a little dance he does when he gets really happy (or we say bouncy, bouncy!). He loves music and dances and sings to it. He does have opinions, though. He threw his first little temper tantrum the other day when I took him away from daddy’s toolbox. As all babies, he has different cries. And for this tantrum he used his hurt cry, even though he couldn’t possibly have been hurt. I’m in for it, right??

Milestones: George is growing and developing so fast! He is a champion crawler and cruiser. No signs on walking yet, crawling is doing really well for him so he isn’t really trying. He can stand on his own for a few seconds and walk while holding one of our hands. But then he drops down and crawls…he’s got places to GO!

He has been ‘showing’ things to us (like the leaf above), which is SO cute. He even tries to share his food. Adorable. He sometimes points a things he really likes, but this is still a developing skill. He asks to be picked up with arm motions and asks to nurse by hitting my chest and mouthing my shirt. George loves to put things from one bucket into another–and game Grandmomma Williams taught him.

George loves to wave hello and goodbye, especially when he is excited. He says mama to me, and now says ‘dada’ but not really TO Clay. No other words yet! I feel like he is so much more aware of the world around him now. Its amazing to watch him start to understand things. He loves anything mechanical and will play with it until he figures it out. His serious concentration face is just.plain.awesome. 🙂

Teeth: George now has 6 teeth! Four on the top and two on the bottom! No signs of anymore just yet.

He has spent weeks with his grandparents over the last month and they have all agreed…George is the BEST baby ever.

Not that we are biased or anything.


2 responses to “10 months old!

  1. mary hays says:

    Oh these are such great pictures and YOU and Clay can take ALL the credit for your good baby,you are both such good caring and very loving parents. I am missing so much with time with George because of working but I have bills to finish paying off.this year . If I work next year ,it will only be til January so I get my bonus and I should be in good shape to finally quit. Hooray!!!! These posts keep me up with George growing and I love them. Gotta go on my run so Take Care , kiss George for me and I Love You, Your nan. Clay too!!

  2. Chris says:

    Love the pictures! Love George! Love you and Clay!

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