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Its hard to be a baby


on September 18, 2012

I’m SO late with this post because George has been cruising for weeks now. He started by walking along the coffee table at around 7 months, the went on to turning corners and transferring from furniture to furniture/walls by 8 months. Now, at 9 months, he is incredibly stable and all over! He goes from crawling to standing and back again like its nothing. Grandad Williams got him a push toy to help him walk around the room–something he desperately wanted to do!

He can also walk (slowly) just holding one of my hands.

My boy is getting so big!

Side note: I saw a dreft commercial that said that you have child forever, but you only have a baby for one year. I promptly BAWLED my eyes out for like 10 minutes. Sigh. My baby is going to be a toddler…and soon!



2 responses to “Cruising!

  1. Chris says:

    I love the second picture of George (from the back) walking/pushing his new toy!! That’s one to frame! Good of Robert to get that for him. I want him to push the “popcorn” thingie so you’ll go nuts as I did!

  2. Sara says:

    it is kinda sad when the baby phase is over, but toddlers are SO MUCH fun!!! crying at a laundry commercial is a clear sign that you are officially a mommy. 🙂

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