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Sea Food, Eat Food

on August 27, 2012

George went on an exciting trip with grandma and some friends to a seafood restaurant. It is right on the water in Annapolis. Clay was the most excited of all of us, of course, because of his undying love of seafood. He doesn’t get to go much since I’m not a seafood person. But I can always find something I like (chicken sandwich, anyone?).

It was a lovely day.


Clay and Cory shared a dozen crabs.


George got in on the action, too. Well, he just ate his puffs and tried to avoid the stare down by crab in front of him. But he can eat crab, someday. Take that crab!


Laurelea and Avery had a great time, too, with their enormous kids meals!

Then, we went down and saw the crabs (pre-boil) and some ducks. George was having a REALLY hard time understanding why he couldn’t get in the water and splash about with the ducks.

Esther had a run in with the ducks that resulted in her giving them Avery’s fry so they wouldn’t eat her or her first born. Here, you can see that she has the post-brush-with-death exhilaration going on:


Whew, so happy to be alive.


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