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Our Little Omnivore

on August 10, 2012

George was eating all grains, fruits and veggies until just a few days ago. On August 8th, he ate chicken for the first time. Being big meat eaters ourselves, we were so proud.

For the last few weeks, he was having trouble with purees because he hates the spoon. I think two things happened that caused this–he started to get teeth and so his little gums are sore. Also, I started giving him puffs and mums. Things he that he can feed himself. And it turns out, he loves to feed himself.


Therefore, we have totally switched tactics for meal times. Instead of pushing the purees, we are just giving him soft food from our meals. It started just a few nights ago when we went out for dinner after I got done with my conference.


It was an unexpected dinner outing, so we just had snack for him. We thought, why not just give him some of our food?

Getting that first taste of chicken…


He ate carrots, potatoes, and chicken heartily.


And now we have a very happy boy! We told the waiter that it was his first time to ever have chicken and he was so sweet about it. He even brought us a free dessert to celebrate! We had to give George a little taste of that as well, of course…I mean the waiter did bring three spoons!! 🙂




One response to “Our Little Omnivore

  1. Chris says:

    Next up…BBQ, country ham and red eye gravy!

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