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Its hard to be a baby

Month #8!

on August 6, 2012

Doesn’t 8 months sound so old? He’s going to be 20 before I know it.

Size: Being a terrible estimator of his weight, I have no idea. But I do know that I worry that he is too skinny. But Clay thinks I’m silly.  He is doing very, very well. I really wish he would be a little chunkier. People always say he looks like a little boy and not a baby–and I think its because he doesn’t have that baby fat. It does make him very cute. All babies are different! He is in 9 month size clothing right now, and the 6-12 month stuff is a little wide, but great in length. 

Sleep: Things are pretty similar in this area. We have a lovely bed time routine of dinner, bath and story/song time. He goes down around 7:45/8pm into his pack and play. We have given the co sleeper back to the people who let us borrow theirs. I come to bed around 11pm. Sometimes, he wakes up and wants to nurse, other times, he sleeps though me coming in to the room. He always gets up around 4am to eat, then around 7am he is up for the day! Clay usually takes him to change his diaper and lets me sleep another 30 min or so before work.

George still naps 2 times a day, around 9am and 2pm. He usually sleeps for about 2 hours. He still naps in his swing…but its working for now!

Eating: George is doing very well with eating, but is still not a big solid food eater. He eats 6-8 times from me (with one bottle per day). He LOVES to nurse. He is now sitting up to nurse sometimes, which is really cute. He also can get really impatient when I don’t get the boob out fast enough. My nursing relationship with George is a highlight of my life. Its so special to have that connection with him–and as he gets older, its great to have even more interaction with him.

Solid food still goes back and forth. Sometimes, he eats like CRAZY. Other times, he won’t eat at all. The one thing he really likes is to feed himself puffs and mum mums. We are starting to introduce some soft cut up foods so he can feed himself, but he isn’t as into it. Overall, its going well!

For every meal, we give him some puffs as an appetizer, while we get his puree ready. He eats oatmeal and a fruit or veggie. After he eats that (or doesn’t) then he gets a mum. Its working out nicely.

Temperament: George is all smiles these days. He is in the best mood when he wakes up in the morning and after naps. He goes down hill at nap time so its pretty clear when its time to put him down. He loves to stick his tongue out. Its so cute.

We are trying to institue boundaries around a few things. For example, not pulling on cords or standing up in the bath. Its funny how different his reactions are to these two things. When he goes for the cords and I say ‘no’ and stop him, he turns around with a big smile on his face. I have to take him away from the cords. But, its no biggie to him. However, when I don’t let him stand up in the bath, its like I took away his best friend. He get SO mad and cries!

Milestones: George is hitting his milestones like a champ! He is crawling with his belly off the floor (but still prefers, and goes faster, with it on the floor). He uses his toes as little propellers, so he calluses on them. Hilarious. He is pulling up on EVERYTHING. He has gotten SO much better at this and is falling less. He does some cruising, but is still unsteady in this area. He can go from sitting to crawling and from crawling to sitting very well.

He is happiest when he is pulling/standing up. When I try to put him down for naps in the pack and play, he cries but then gets ereally quiet. I look at the video monitor, and sure enough, he is standing up and happy as a clam.

Because of his love of puffs, he has mastered the pincer grasp pretty well. He is babbling mama, baba, gaga and many other sounds. Still no dada, yet! He is also using gestures to indicate when he wants something (like raising his arms for ‘up’ and reaching and opening and closing his hand when he wants something). We are doing some signs with him, but haven’t seen anything back, yet. He loves to drop objects and see where they go, play peek a boo with objects and look for them when they are hidden. He enjoys playing “with” other babies. He thinks they are fascinating!

Hearing: George just had a follow up hearing screen where he was hearing at 20 decibels, which is normal. He still has some fluid/negative pressure in his ear drum. We will go back when he is about a year old for a recheck. But they anticipate no problems. They also were very happy with his interactions and babbling. They saw no red flags for delayed speech at this time. But, we will keep a very close eye on this!

Teeth: On July 29, I stuck my finger in George’s mouth and felt a little bit of tooth sticking through his bottom gum, on the left side. I wasn’t surprised because his drool, tongue movements and hands in mouth had increased. Can’t believe my baby is going to have teeth soon!!

My boy is growing up so well. We love every minute!


2 responses to “Month #8!

  1. Robert says:

    Excellent post, Lonna! That sticking-out-of-tongue is hillarious…

  2. Chris says:

    So sweet! I’ve got to find pictures of Clay to share w you!

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