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Its hard to be a baby

More playtime!

on July 9, 2012

George loves to play in his johnny jump, as can be seen in a video here.

And now that George has realized that he can stand up on things and explore, its all he wants to do.  He isn’t quite strong enough to pull up by himself on to tall things like the coffee table, though sometimes he gets lucky. Its similar to the crawling with belly off the floor–he is SO close, but just can’t quite do what he wants.  Therefore, he has spent a lot of time frustrated over the past week. He gets mad when he can’t get across a room fast enough with commando crawl or pull up on his own. But a little help and encouragement from mommy and daddy eases that a little.

He can pull up on this toy very well.

The stink eye…

He loves to play with daddy.

And with Alcy, those two really get along great.

He also gets frustrated going from seated to crawling and has been face planting. But he gets more control each time. Its been fun to watch him explore and learn all these new things.





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