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First Illness

on June 22, 2012

Not a milestone that’s particularly exciting!

A few nights ago I woke up feeling really sick with a bad stomach ache and ended up throwing up twice. Clay also felt bad all week. But we thought it was from something we ate. But last night, George woke up around 10:30pm throwing up. It was so sad. My poor boy threw up all his prune and oatmeal dinner. It scared me half to death, though, because when I went in to get him, it was dark and the throw up looked bloody. Luckily, Clay came in and turned on his light. Whew. Just prunes.

But even after we knew it was just run of the mill stomach bug, it was still an unpleasant evening. He curled up on us going through cycles of sleeping, whining and vomiting. Finally, he nursed and fell asleep for the night. He woke up to nurse frequently, which made me feel better. He kept it down and was getting fluids.

We are actually really lucky because he was only sick for about 4 hours total. He is doing really well today.

I know we will have more illnesses, skinned knees and maybe even stitches or broken bones. But last night, I came to know just one of the ways parenting is so hard. When I was holding him and he was heaving and crying, I felt so helpless and just wanted it to be me. I spent the day trying to get the image of him getting sick out of my head. I also reminded myself how lucky we are that this was just a mild illness with an end and no serious consequences.

So grateful for my strong, healthy boy.




One response to “First Illness

  1. Sara says:

    There is truly nothing worse than knowing your child is suffering. So glad he kept his appetite up and pushed through it quickly. There will be lots more sicknesses, but the ones where they really feel miserable don’t get any easier. Luckily they are few and far between! What a good mom you are.

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