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Its hard to be a baby

Father’s Day!

on June 21, 2012

George loves his daddy. I love George’s daddy. Noticing a theme?

When I met Clay, I knew instantly that he would be an amazing dad. It’s really one of the first impressions he made on me. Clearly, I didn’t mention that to him for a long while. Ha.

And I have never been so right about anything.

Clay is so good at so many things–standardized tests, keeping secrets, super mario, packing efficiently, understanding the puzzle of the law, thinking of little surprises for me–but honestly, he is the best at being a dad. His love for George is simple and pure. He knows that baby inside and out and can predict what he needs at the drop of a hat. He has no fear of dirty diapers, a screaming baby or sleepless nights. Its all about George. And our little guy is thriving because of it.

He doesn’t have to think, it just comes. He does it with ease.

Its beautiful. Like him…and the baby we made together.

Happy Father’s Day, Clay.

We love you.


One response to “Father’s Day!

  1. Chris says:

    Clay’s Daddy was the same way.

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