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Hearing Update!

on June 18, 2012

Great news: George does NOT need tubes in his ears!

(I don’t have any related pics, so enjoy the randomness)

On June 8th, we went to the audiologist to do a team booth test. George kicked butt. Its called a team test because on audiologist sits in front of George to watch his response and show him toys as rewards. The other sits behind the glass and runs the sound program.

They had to run the program for older babies with random intervals of sounds because he was anticipating sounds when played at regular intervals. Most babies his age don’t do that. Yeah, so smart. (Clay told me not to put that on here…but sorry–mama’s gotta brag).

He did really well with the test and showed that he can hear normal voice level. VERY important. He still showed a little deficiency in the higher and lower ranges. After the booth test, they did the ear drum test. It showed negative pressure. This indicates that the fluid is GONE. Yay. But, the fluid left a vacuum in there, which can impede hearing in those far ranges. The two test results line up, so we know he is getting better and better.

He goes back in two months and hopefully he will be hearing totally normally! He is hitting all his language milestones so far–babbling baba, gaga and mama. Clay is greatly anticipating dada.

I’m just so relieved he doesn’t need to have a little surgery. I knew that he would fine regardless, but just glad we don’t have to deal with it. We feel luckily not only that this has resolved itself, but that we had the tools and support to keep an eye on it.


2 responses to “Hearing Update!

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  2. Misty says:

    This is a great way to start my day! Great news that George does not need tubes.

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