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Conservators’ Center Tour

on June 5, 2012

On memorial day weekend we took a little road trip down to NC for George’s baptism (more on that later) and to visit with family. We stayed at my mom’s house and had a FULL weekend of activities.

First up was a tour of the Conservators’ Center, where my sister works. Tours are open to the public and its a primary source of income for the center (so do it!). I highly recommenct the enrichment tour  because the guides do activities with the animals like feeding, playing and giving them scented boxes. These activities are for the health and enrichment of the animals, not for show.

I am very sensitive about animals in captivity, but this place is amazing. It is not a zoo, but a safe place for animals that don’t have anywhere else to go. Seeing the keepers with the animals gave me a great sense of peace–these people are ALL about the animals. They follow the animals cues and never force them to do anything because there is a tour group. And the animals showed it. There was no restless pacing or random cries. They looked content with life (as you can see in the pic below). Its the first time I have been to see animals in captivity that I didn’t get sad. Clearly, I was very impressed.

Arthur Tiger and Kira Lion

Geore had a blast on the tour as well!

Our esteemed guide-in-training, Keela.

I am so lucky to have such a cool sister, who has such an awesome job. She is getting great experience for her future career. Not to mention, looking pretty good in her keeper garb. Too bad you can’t see the big bad deer cleanin’, chicken-guttin’ knife that’s hanging on her pants. 😉



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