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Chilling with Grandad Williams

on June 3, 2012

Whew. I am behind in my posts. A few weekends ago Clay’s dad came to visit up and we had splendid time.

George had just been ‘reading’ the paper, thus the newspaper ink all around his mouth. Ha.

We spent the weekend hanging about and spending quality time. But Clay and his dad also did some amazing work on our back deck. I wish I had before and after pictures. But lets just say it used to be a toddler death trap (broken boards and rusty nails) and now its a safe play spot for George in the upcoming months.

Its always fun to go to Franklins when we have visitors, so we also made that stop. George is definiatly in the grabby stage. Whoa. Everything on the table went into his mouth!

Growler (this came from our house–and our dishwasher– for a refill):


Check holder:


This kids going to have a rockin immune system.

We love to have family visit!

And Clay and George certainly love Grandad (dad) Williams!! And this is a great shot of three generations of Williams men. 🙂


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