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Daddy’s Birthday

on May 22, 2012

Clay’s birthday was yesterday and we had a blast. He got some great gifts–including a Hawaiian shirt from George (and George got one for himself, too!). We decided to go out to dinner, just the two of us. That morning, I was talking to a co worker in the elevator and he just had his two year wedding anniversary. They had gone to a fancy resturant, and he told his wife they better enjoy it before they have kids.

Its SO true.

But I’ll tell you, we might not have gone to super fancy DC restaurant, but good old Outback was pretty fun. It’s 5 minutes away from our house, so we could be back quick if needed. And Clay got an awesome meal.

And he ate it ALL!

After dinner we called our friends who were sitting with George and asked if we could have a little more time and go to target. They told us to go for it! So, we walked on over. And we were like teenagers in there! We held hands and played around–and looked at all aisles we don’t get to when we have George! It was a sweet evening. And a reminder that Clay and I really like each other! 🙂

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

George was hanging with Ben and Elise!

It was so nice of them to come and watch George for us. Yay!

Then we had cake and sang. Perfect end to a perfect evening.



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