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Month #5

on May 2, 2012

Whoa. Things have changed SO much since last month. I know I sound like a broken record and say this every time, but I think this month’s pictures will tell the story. He would NOT stay still!!

Size: I’m not going to guess what he weighs this time because I was so wrong last time. Ha. But he is definitely bigger! He is still in 6 month size clothing, but the pjs are getting a little short for him. He might be in 9 month size for those soon. He enjoys wearing litte shoes. Or, more accurately, I enjoy putting them on him.

He is definitely a banana baby–long and skinny–he doesn’t really have a lot of chunk. But his thighs are a little chunk-a-licious. Yummy.

Sleep: Still an awesome sleeper. And I would like to come out as a cosleeper. I’m going to do a separate post on this, but yes, we cosleep. And I LOVE it. I felt a little ashamed and didn’t really want to admit it. I always qualified it with ‘sometimes’ or other things to cover my guilt about it. But its great. He sleeps all night most nights, but when he stirs and asks for food, neither of us really have to wake up. He is right there. He wakes up in my arms most mornings with a huge smile. I’m done with the guilt. It works for us.

George has pushed his bedtime up all on his own. He goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up around 7am. He takes 2-3 naps a day, lasting from around 45 min to an 2 hours. He takes his naps in his crib most of the time. He has gotten harder to put down as he has gained opinions. He is so aware and fights sleep more now. But overall, very good and has a routine that works well with our lifestyle.

Eating: He still nurses on demand usually about every 3 or so hours. Sometimes its a little more often in the evenings. But we just roll with his hunger levels. His cues are super obvious.

The best news is that we FINALLY found a bottle that works. Clay tried everything. On a tip from a friend, we tried the playtex ventaire. Its been awesome. He drinks 6-8 ounces for the feeding that I miss while I am at work. It makes life much easier on Clay and George has a full tummy. Woot.

Temperament: My sweet little newborn baby has turned into a rolling, moving, babbling infant. While still a VERY easy going baby, he is not as quiet as passive as he once was. This is a good thing, of course! His little personality is really coming out. He demands attention now and interacts like crazy. Love it. But it can also be a pain in the a**. You parents know what I mean. Thank goodness for the exesaucer. Love that thing.

Milestones: These pics make just how much he moves around obvious! He was all over the place and would not sit still. He is rolling (both directions) to get to places and to toys. Which is pretty awesome. He forms a hypothesis and tests it out–I love watching his little gears turn. He will roll over to get a toy and bring it to him, then roll back onto his back to play with and explore it. He will also make a 360 turn on his tummy to get to things. Amazing! He pushes forward on his tummy and just wants to take off!

He sits pretty well in the tripod formation, but still needs support to sit up straight. He usually just pushes back so he can lay down and get moving! He watches objects intently. We love to sit outside and watch cars go by–and he watches them all the way across his field of vision.  He passes objects from hand to hand and grabs like a pro. Its amazing to watch as he manipulates the world around him. George plays with his feet all the time and its adorable!

Hearing: This is still a challenge for George. We went to the doctor on 4/23 and it looks like his left ear has opened up, but we cannot confirm hearing because George wouldn’t let him do the OAE. Ha. Did I mention his “personality?” He grabbed that thing out of his ear and was too busy looking ALL around. We go back when he is 6 months for a booth test. He will sit on my lap while they play sounds. This will give us an idea of how well he is really hearing. Then we can determine with the ENT if he will need tubes to keep him on time for language development and acquisition.

This is my favorite picture–really captures his sweet, playful self. George is a healthy, amazing, vibrant boy who brings joy to us every single day.


2 responses to “Month #5

  1. Sara says:

    oh my gosh, i did a booth hearing test with ethan when he was like 18 months old. i could see his reflection in the window in front of us, and for some reason it struck my funny bone that he was responding to the lights and bells like a little puppy dog when you say, “wanna treat?” i had one of those moments where you really need to stop laughing, but you just can’t. it was awful. 🙂

    i want to play with his hair SO BAD.

  2. Chris says:

    I played bridge at Linda’s tonight so I got to show these pictures. It’s unanimous … George is a cutie!

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