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Its hard to be a baby


on April 11, 2012

When I was pregnant I would look at those exesaucer things and think…I will NEVER have one of those tacky things in my house.

Ha. How things have changed. I no longer see tacky, only super FUN.

I spent way too much time thinking about how to get one of these things used. I mentioned in passing to a friend  that I was looking for one and she was nice enough to bring her daughter’s up out of their basement for our use! Amazing!

George LOVES it.

We set a timer for 10 min so he doesn’t stay in too long. But he gets tired around then anyway!

He makes these really serious noises when trying to get to the toys. Its adorable.

You can just see the concentration!!

And yes. His hair is greasy. The kid needed a bath, what can I say.


2 responses to “Barnyard

  1. Robert says:

    OH GOD!!!! (I love it. Busy busy.)

  2. Chris says:

    Remember the picture I gave you of Clay “working” on his Busy Box? George has that same serious look!

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