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Easter Weekend

on April 10, 2012

We had a fun and busy Easter weekend. Sadly, I only had my camera on Saturday. I was so bummed that I forgot it on Sunday! Luckily i got a few shots with my phone.

Saturday, we went to the Hyattsville pancake breakfast and egg hunt. Obviously, George isn’t up for an egg hunt or eating pancakes, but we still had a really good time.

The creepiest Easter bunny ever was also there. George was asleep for this part…thank goodness.

I asked Mr. Bunny to lean down next to George and this is what I got. Yeah.

He has a really cute outfit on, even though its not visible in those pictures so I got some separately. Easter outfit 1 of 2 (from Grandma Hays).

His hair was also particularly mohawky that day…

I swear I comb it down. Its awesomeness it just not containable.

On Sunday we went to two parties, one for brunch (and egg hunt) and one for dinner. Brunch was in the neighborhood and there was lots of children there–and it was almost all girls! Walking and talking girls! We are excited for when George can get up and play with the big kids. And next year he will even be able to hunt eggs without being on daddy’s shoulders. 🙂

And he even found an egg! And this is a good shot of Easter outfit 2 of 2 (from Grandma Williams).

Easter dinner on sunday night was delicious and we enjoyed a lovely walk on a gorgeous day. All in all we had a wonderful weekend!


2 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. Grandma Hays says:

    Just when I think I can’t possibly love him anymore than I already do…. I see this adorable butt!!

  2. Sara says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmm. is the easter bunny wearing a bathing suit?? and really, his face is stained. wow. we had a super creepy one at our neighborhood party too.

    i LOVE G’s hair!

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