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4 months!!

on April 4, 2012

George is 4 months old and doing so well! We are still loving every minute. He was a little sleepy for this photo shoot at first. Ha. He’s laying on this amazing pop up shade contraption at a consignment for a few dollars and we love it.

Here’s the update…

Size: We went to his three month appt on 4/2 and he did great! The doctor was very happy with his progress.

He is 13 pounds 11 ounces (25%). His weight is a little lower than I expected, but perfectly fine.

He is 25 inches (55%). Also right on track!

Head size is in 42.5 (55%).

Just an average sized little guy and staying on his growth curves.

Sleep: Still an amazing sleeper. He goes down around 9:30/10pm after his last big feeding and sleeps 7-9 hours. I have to wake him up for his morning feeding most of the time. On weekends he sleeps in, just like his daddy. He sleeps in our room in an arms reach co-sleeper, which I love. Its great to have him so close by at night. Its also very easy to get him in and out for feedings. We recently borrowed the co-sleeper from a neighbor and I will have one from the beginning for the next baby–it works with our life really well.

He also naps well and goes down pretty easily a few times day. Sometimes he has some frustration to get out and cries for a few minutes before passing out. He sleeps both swaddled and unswaddled for naps now.

Eating: George eats 6-8 times a day from both breasts. He takes about 15 minutes to eat–getting a lot more efficient! He is always smiling up at me while he eats, which never fails to thrill me. He gets one bottle a day while I’m at work and its been tough to find the right bottle and style to feed him. Clay has been working really hard on this and things are getting better!

Temperament: What can I say–this boy is SWEET. He is a happy guy and often smiles while fussy because he just can’t help it. He is very content to do whatever and is quite calm. The one time he gets a little frustrated is when he wants attention. But he will often let us know with fake coughing, which is hilarious. He picked up that mommy pays attention when he coughs very quickly!!

He is also super sweet with our cats and the dogs that we were dogsitting. Here’s one for all you dog lovers…french kiss!

Milestones: George is SO much more interactive with the world around him now. He can pick up and put down his paci and even get it into his mouth correctly. Although, he is pretty much over the paci and we aren’t encouraging its use anymore (but believe me–we still have one on hand!). He is a lot more interested in putting toys (and everything else–like my camera strap) in his mouth.

He starting rolling over from tummy to back consistently on 3/28/12 (16 weeks). He rolls to get places now, which is pretty cute. Although he get tired before he gets very far.

He seems to be hearing more, but this could also be that is he is just more aware. We will see at his next appt on 4/23. He makes lots of sounds and talks all the time. We love it. He smiles and talks all the time, alone or with us. He especially loves mirrors and will talk to the ‘other baby’ for ever. So cute. He always has his mouth open it seems.

George can also sit very well supported and hold a tripod for a few seconds.He loves to look at his hands and has found his feet (and like to put those in his mouth, too). If we support him a little while on his tummy he does a bit of a commando crawl. He will be very mobile before we know it!

Clay and I are so happy to have our little man.


One response to “4 months!!

  1. Chris says:

    I miss George. I miss y’all

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