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Its hard to be a baby

Room to Grow

on March 12, 2012

Clay and I moved to DC to go to school in 2008. Clay came up first in August and I followed in December. I was on a work trip for many weeks right when we needed a place to live. Luckily, Clay has a real nose for real estate. He found us an incredible apartment that met my (our…) criteria (affordable, walkable metro, easy parking and a w/d in unit). Those of you who live in DC know that is impossible. Yet he made it happen. We lived there for nearly three years, happy as can be.

Then George took up residence in my belly.

We suddenly needed a bigger place. Again, Clay used his home finding skills and found us an amazing short sale. Affordable, lots of space, fenced back yard, driveway, walkable to metro, guest rooms (!) for family…again, sounds impossible. But we got it, and moved just in time.

Most importantly, I was able to decorate George’s nursery before he showed up. It felt so good to have his space all ready for him.

There are of his room from both sides. I love it because it is so open and airy! This room is definitely big enough if another little one comes our way, too.

Giraffes can be seen everywhere…

We also have a monitor and an infrared camera set up. I can watch him from a computer, my phone or ipad. I can even see him from work!

He has two closets. One I use to store his bigger clothes (not pictured) and the other we use for the stuff he wears now.

We are so lucky to have everything George needs and the space to keep it in! Its my favorite room in the house and I know that it will be a great room for him to grow in!


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