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Sweet Carolina

on February 28, 2012

On our trip back to NC, the state really put its game face on and made us miss home so much! It was so green and lush and just a slower pace of life. Grandma Williams held a sip and see for him in Charlotte and tons of folks came over and loved on George. They also couldn’t believe that Clay is now a daddy! (And don’t even get me started on all the food…)

We also got to visit with family. George met his great grandparents (Clay’s maternal grant parents) the Horns. They also recorded an amazing book for him, where they read the story as we turn the pages. It bring tears to my eyes every time. Its so special to have that memory for George.










And his cousin Madeline (you’ll have to trust me that its her since I didn’t get any shots of her face, George was too busy flirting with her):

The whole family!


One response to “Sweet Carolina

  1. Chris says:

    Ok…I’m supposed to be working!
    How I’ve relives our Sunday w George, family and good friends! May that kind of day be your standard!

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