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Can you hear me now?

on February 6, 2012

When George was born he failed his first hearing screen, but passed the second. We didn’t think much of it. But, as the weeks went on, I noticed that he was not startling to loud sounds at all. We could make extremely loud sounds and he would not respond in the slightest. He also was not turning to our voices. We mentioned it to the pediatrician and she recommended we see an audiologist.

We arrived at the audiologist thinking that he would pass the test and she would tell us that he just he was just a tolerant little boy. However, he didn’t pass the screenings. She did several types of test and tried many times. She also did a test to see if he had fluid in his ears and that could be causing the problem and he did.

Luckily, this means he most likely has normal hearing, but the fluid is preventing sound getting to his eardrum. We will go back in a month and see if it as cleared. Because we caught it early, if it does not drain on its own, we can have tubes placed before it causes any speech delays. There is still a possibility that he has hearing loss. If at the next appt there are still issues, we will also move forward with testing for that.

So, we are in the watch and wait mode. Hopefully the next appt in March will go well!




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