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Its hard to be a baby

Eat baby eat!

on December 5, 2011

George and I had a rocky start to the breastfeeding. It was tough to get a latch going and he got jaundiced because he wasn’t getting enough to eat. It was really stressful. But after a lot of appts with women grabbing my boobs and me not caring at all (all modesty went out the window at birth) we FINALLY got him going and he cleared up. These pictures really show how yellow he was, but it cleared up once he was feeding properly.

My poor little dude.  This is the swaddle (miracle blanket) we used quite a lot. He slept all the time and was hard to awake for feedings.

He also enjoyed some down time in his swing, but was mostly in our arms.

The first week was so tough, but all I wanted to do was hold and love on him. One night mom and I were sitting on the couch and I was holding him and she said ‘I hear a lot of kissing going on over there.’ I didn’t even realize it, but I was kissing him all over non-stop! Couldn’t help it.


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