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George Shows Up

on December 1, 2011

I know that all women say this…but we felt like it took forever for George to hurry up and come out. And I really have no right to say that since he came out in 4.5 hours 2 days early. I was dilated for a few weeks before he came and we were SO impatient. Clay said it felt like seeing a wrapped christmas present under the tree and having no idea when he would be allowed to open it. And Clay takes Christmas very seriously.

I worked all day that Wednesday and felt normal. In fact, I wasn’t even have the braxton hicks I was having for the past few weeks (and that caused a false run to the hospital). When I got home, mom and I went and ran a few errands. My lower back was hurting by the time we were done and there was a little bleeding. I didn’t think much of it, but mom did. I made dinner and went to take a shower around 9pm.

My water broke at 9:30pm and I had my first REAL contraction right after that. WOW, it was totally different than a braxton hicks. We got ready to go and messed around a bit. Clay jumped up and down. My contractions got close really fast–and mom was like–you all need to GO.

We made it to the hospital at around 10:30p and I was still only 3cm! I couldn’t believe it. My contractions were now 30 sec apart and lasting over a min…how was I only at a 3cm? I was in so much pain and not getting a break so I asked for an epidural. But, by the time they got in the room to place it I was having tons of pressure. They checked me again and I was at 7cm. I gained 4cm in less than an hour.  About 30 min after that I was complete.They gave me something to take the edge off, but I didn’t get the true epidural until I was about to push. They let me contract for awhile to bring the baby down and I started pushing around 1:25am, and he was born at 1:54am. Whew!

Then he was here…



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